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Once Upon A Time

Our History

Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company began baking in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA over 80 years ago. Our classic recipe was originally developed as a wholesome snack for fisherman while out at sea. One day, a sailor threw a biscuit to his dog who happily gobbled it up. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, our bakers continue to find new ways to bring wholesome, all-natural pet snacks to the pets we all so dearly love. So go ahead and explore our interactive timeline to learn more about our long tradition and rich history of baking natural dog treats!


Old Mother Hubbard was founded in 1926, but our roots extend back to 1873 as A. Hubbard & Son bakery in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA. makers of hard tack sea biscuits.

One day a local sailor threw a biscuit to his dog who happily gobbled it up.

The rest, as they say, is history!



The company was purchased by Jim Scott, Sr., a professional in animal nutrition with a commitment to developing highly nutritious products for animals.

As the Company began to grow, the company moved its headquarters to Lowell, MA.



Jim Scott, Jr. began working with a team of animal nutrition experts, veterinarians and scientists to develop the best pet food in the world that would revolutionize the pet food industry, featuring only the finest natural ingredients.

The result was Wellness®.



Old Mother Hubbard and Wellness became pioneers in the natural movement in pet food.



Old Mother Hubbard became a proud member of the WellPet family of brands.


All Natural Since 1926

All Natural Since 1926


Classic P-Nuttier